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LISTEN: Cosmic & E Beat Black Impulse Mix
NEW MIX AHEAD OF SATURDAY'S SOCIAL... John Doran , November 7th, 2013 04:26

Cosmic & E Beat guests Black Impulse (Matt Ridout & Kev Morpurgo of Dethscalator, Arabrot, Dandelion, VICE etc) have kindly made us a mix ahead of Saturday's party at the King Charles One, Kings Cross, London.

Cosmic & E Beat is a new monthly night bringing you the best of Krautrock, Cosmic Disco, Afrobeat, Stone To The Bone Funk, Freak Beat and Space Rock and future DJ guests already booked include Teeth Of The Sea, Tony Sylvester (Turbonegro), Phil Hebblethwaite (The Stool Pigeon/VICE), Death Waltz Records and Cigarette Burns Cinema.

Black Impulse Sonics Reduced 26: Cosmic Motor Away by Black Impulse on Mixcloud

“It’s been a long time I shouldn’t’ve left you, without a strong beat to step to.”

In 2001 Brian Eno said: “There were three great beats in the 70s: Fela Kuti's Afrobeat; James Brown's funk; and Klaus Dinger's Neu!-beat." (Mr Eno is a genius and his mind is always on higher things, so we can overlook the fact he probably meant the beats laid down by Tony Allen, Clyde Stubblefield and Klaus Dinger.)

One can only agree that Funk, Afrobeat and Krautrock form an unbeatably badass trinity. But once you throw in some cosmic synth music and some space rock, you’ve got the basis of a pretty far out night of sounds.

Cosmic & E-Beat will be brought to you on the second Saturday of every month at the King Charles One, Kings Cross by your host John Doran of The Quietus, VICE and NOISEY.