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PLAYLIST: Plex/ Colony/BleeD Bangers
The Quietus , November 1st, 2013 09:11

With another colossal Corsica Studios techno showdown on the cards for next Friday, 1st November, the promoters and artists playing at Plex/Colony/BleeD select a playlist of dancefloor bombs to start your weekend with a mighty OOOF

After the resounding clatter, swoosh and ooof of our recent Colony vs. The Quietus party, we've been champing at the bit for this year's Plex/Colony/BleeD techno meltdown. Last year's - which featured fantastic sets from the likes of Regis, Ancient Methods, Senking, Livity Sound and A Made Up Sound - was one of tQ's favourite nights out of 2012 (you can read more about that here), and this year London promoters BleeD have stepped in to join proceedings and host the third room. It takes place at Corsica Studios next Friday, 1st November, and gathers together a host of Quietus favourites for a full marathon 12-hour session. Tickets, we're told, are selling fast, so if you're planning to head along you can buy them in advance from here.

As you can see from the flyer above, the line-up is packed full of delights of a dark and body-battering persuasion. Plex take control of Room One, with Ancient Methods, Perc (the first time we'll be seeing him since his storming closing set at the Quietus' fifth birthday party), Svreca, TR // ER (a live performance from the duo of Tessela and Truss), AnD, Truss, Mick Finesse, DVNT, and Plex residents Luke Handsfree and James Tec. Colony's second room has a rather subbier, ravier feel to it, as is customary: headlining is Hessle Audio's mighty shapeshifter Pangaea (for a three hour set), alongside Kangding Ray and Plant43 live, plus Colony residents MB, CB and Tengui. And BleeD look after Room Three with stranger, more twisted and experimental flavours: the London debut from Philadelphia technoise mind-scramblers Metasplice (a regular feature in our Hyperspecific columns), alongside New York's DJ Spider, a live set from D'Marc Cantu, BleeD's Volte-Face and the Quietus' Rory Gibb.

In what is now becoming time-honoured tradition, in advance of the night and to warm up your minds for the main event, we asked the artists, DJs and promoters playing at the night to each contribute a favourite track to our Plex/Colony/BleeD playlist. With selections from D'Marc Cantu, Pangaea, Tengui, Ancient Methods, Perc, Kangding Ray, AnD and lots more, it traverses from sci-fi electronica to sturm-und-drang techno, deep and tripped-out house and industrial clatter. Get stuck in below...

Tengui picks Autechre - 'Clipper'

"Simply one of the best pieces of electronic music ever made, IMHO. To be aired at appropriately high volume on Room 2's killer stack next Friday, for sure..." - Tengui

D'Marc Cantu picks Acid Warrior - 'Acid Bites'

Volte-Face picks Chicago Shags - Live By The Sword'

  "A Danny Wolfers gem, buried on the B3 flip. It's a customarily demented acid grower (not shower), with an unmistakeable Jakbeat twist." - Volte-Face

AnD pick Zeta Reticula - 'Untitled A1'

"Umek when he was on fire...... smashing out club destroyer after club destroyer! This track is a big reminder of university days and long parties." - AnD

Kangding Ray picks Einstürzende Neubauten - 'Die Befindlichkeit des Landes'

"The soundtrack of my first year in Berlin, when I moved there in 2001. The lyrics are about the massive architectural transformations that happened in Berlin since the fall of the wall. An industrial poem about the beauty of urban decay." - Kangding Ray

Pangaea picks Stanislav Tolkachev - 'Like A Cat's Shadow'

"One of my favourite tracks of this year - trippy and driving." - Pangaea

Rory Gibb picks DJ Qu - 'Times Like This'

"What I love about Qu's music is its ambiguity, he never offers you a straightforward emotional ride. There's something evil and demonic pulsing at the heart of this tune, like a black hole sucking all light from its surroundings, but it's also fleet-footed, playful, irresistible to move to. The aural equivalent of an unexplained, jarring but oddly pleasurable shiver up the spine." - Rory Gibb

Luke Handsfree picks Rrose - 'Waterfall'

"An aptly named cascade of bussing, sawing synthwork that builds into an utter facemelter." - Luke Handsfree

James Tec picks Jeff Mills - 'Basic Human Design'

"I've lost count of how many times i've completely lost my mind to this track, It's one of those utterly devastating Mills tunes that invokes a massive sense of impending doom and utter chaos. Even now, nearly twenty years since it first came out, it doesn't sound dated at all, and I'll still play it now and again. One of those rare techno tracks that locks you in for the ride right from the start." - James Tec

Perc picks X-101 - 'Sonic Destroyer'

"I try not to play too many old tunes or classics but this has everything for a party like P/C/B. Masses of energy, a big rolling bassline and the kind of riff that wrecks the place at 5am." - Perc

CB picks On Remand - 'Assault 94'

"Elite d&b/jungle circa '94. On Remand made some great tracks, but this is undoubtedly the best of them - T2 synths, LFO bleeps, lush sunrise pads plus some truly devastating breaks. Best Test" - CB

Ancient Methods picks This Morn' Omina - 'One eYed Man'

"European power electronics - two scenes, one sound. In 2004 Adam X licensed these four tracks to Sonic Groove, that had been uber anthems in the one scene, but barely recognised in the other at that time. In particular, it's this monstrous rave tune by This Morn Omnia that I've played in countless DJ sets. Adrenaline is dropping from every basement ceiling that is delighted with its jackhammer sound." - Ancient Methods