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WATCH: Oozing Wound - Call Your Guy
Laurie Tuffrey , October 23rd, 2013 11:20

Hard rockin', beer-chuggin' video for track from Chicago trio's debut album

Sometimes it's good to know exactly what you're getting from a band straight from the off, and if Oozing Wound's name or the cover artwork for their debut album Retrash hadn't brought home the scuzzy, no frills, bile-spewing three-piece hard rock that the band wheel out, then feast your eyes on their video for 'Call Your Guy'.

Piledriver riffs dredged up from the gutters, drums of Triassic hulk and Zack Weil's strangulated howl make their way to an almighty breakdown in the final two minutes of the track, with the video sitting the band inside a pysch-kaleidoscope while their mates shotgun cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Says director Joe Martinez Jr. of the video: "It is interesting to point out there are some really great musicians getting cameos here and only because everyone in the video are close friends [Chicago musicians Ryley Walker, Luca Cirmarusti and members of Implodes, Mayor Daley, Running, Basic Cable, Tiger Hatchery, SICH MANG, Distant Cities]. This also made it easy going and less staged, everyone just partied. The performance shots were all recorded at regular and high frame rates. When we shot the high frame rate stuff, we did some shots with the Ooze playing some parts half-time and double-time of the original song speed. This created the wacky animated effect. That along with the psychedelic kaleidoscope imagery and juxtaposition of crazy party people creates in my mind a good representation of what it is like to see Oozing Wound 'Live'."
all members of fellow Chicago bands

Retrash is out on Thrill Jockey now.