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Baker's Dozen

Feel Good Music: Nightmares On Wax's Favourite Albums
Joe Clay , October 15th, 2013 06:54

Following the release of his new album Feelin' Good, NOW's George Evelyn distils his crate-digging exploits into 13 top records


Cymande – Cymande
It’s from 1972. There’s a track called ‘Dove’ that goes on for about ten minutes – it’s this amazing psychedelic, smoked-out guitar piece, which is just unbelievable. The drums and everything are incredible. It’s got a psychedelic side to it, a hippy side to it, it’s got the funk… I mean, a lot of people would class it as rare funk or rare soul, but it’s also got a track on it called ‘Bra’. Now, most crate diggers and beat collectors will know this song, because ‘Bra’ has one of the most renowned house basslines. ‘Jack The Groove’ used it – a lot of Chicago house tracks used it. Cymande influenced house, they influenced hip-hop. They did another great track called 'Brothers On The Slide', but I chose this album overall, because it has this fusion of reggae and soul and funk and psychedelic rock. It’s got a hippy side to it but it’s a black album. It’s British. I think the guys are originally from Brixton. I did a cover version of 'Brothers On The Slide' for my Late Night Tales compilation and their drummer got in touch with me through Facebook.