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Baker's Dozen

The Golden Section: John Foxx's Favourite Albums
John Foxx , October 3rd, 2013 04:16

The electronics pioneer pens his own Baker's Dozen and gives us a slightly different twist on the 13 favourites formula


Patti Smith - Horses
More New York - three-chord, classic, garage rock met Manhattan art sophistication and a ruthless intelligence geared to embracing all the best forgotten things - Rimbaud, Verlaine, Them, ‘Louie Louie’, Dylan, Warhol, Ginsberg, Burroughs. Patti Smith spat, screamed and remained in full control of all these angels and demons she wrestled onstage. She took half-forgotten rock riffs from garage outfits and 60s Brit bands, and mutated them into a vehicle for a rich, fragmented, oceanic, urban poetry. She created her raw, fearless, freeform rock as a vehicle for unnamable longings we all instantly recognised. John Cale produced this record, and through it the spirit of Velvets, New York art rock, poetry and punk entered a new era.