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Baker's Dozen

Unearthly Delights: Lydia Lunch's Favourite Albums
Tommy Udo , October 1st, 2013 08:46

Ahead of the no wave pioneer's set with Big Sexy Noise at The Lexington tomorrow, she reluctantly takes up the gauntlet and picks her top 13 LPs


Mystikal – Tarantula
Damn, I really need to hear some Mystikal right now. Ex-Iraqi war vet out of New Orleans, served prison time. I like the combination of New Orleans funereal jazz with James Brown vs John Lydon super aggressive verbal throwdown and extremely squirky funk. It's between this and Biggie for my favourite rap album. I'm glad I have room on my list for both of them. It's tough and it's hard and he just throws those words down. Love rap. I did one rap thing with Anubian Lights called 'Trick Baby', I did it with Adele Bertei from the Contortions. She's from Cleveland, she's a whigger like me, we used to dance to soul music, it's a hardcore rap. I love hardcore rap, but all I'm playing with is these white boys. They can't do rap.