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Baker's Dozen

Unearthly Delights: Lydia Lunch's Favourite Albums
Tommy Udo , October 1st, 2013 08:46

Ahead of the no wave pioneer's set with Big Sexy Noise at The Lexington tomorrow, she reluctantly takes up the gauntlet and picks her top 13 LPs


Bo$$ - Born Gangstaz
Maybe because I'm a born gangsta like Bo$$, the best female rapper, one of the originals. This is the only record she made. There's more gunshots - and that kinda calms me down – than any other record ever recorded. She's an over-educated hood rat who drank herself to near death, was on kidney dialysis for three years, was dropped from her record label because she wouldn't play the dress-up-like-a-'ho' game. Funny, I ran into Peaches at the Retrovirus show in Berlin the other night and I was like: “Peaches, you're a bit of a whigger. We gotta go out shootin' because there's a few bitches that gotta go down, because I'm gonna go after Miley and all the rest of the stupid leotard-wearing cool mainly-American-music-industry-trade heavily misogynistic rap. I think I just need to drop one. Take these bitches... what I hate is they're not hoes. They talk like they're hoes. They ain't be no hoes. Ho ho hoes. Miley Cyrus, I'd like to fuck her, she'd be twerkin' then, excuse my French. Slappin' ass, bitch? Bend over." You can see I'm getting gangsta now. But talking to Peaches, I said: “I'm just sick of these women in leotards running around saying nothing. They gotta go down.”