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Baker's Dozen

Anger Through Grace: Nicky Wire's Favourite Albums
Marc Burrows , September 26th, 2013 07:47

Following the release of their eleventh LP Rewind The Film, the Manic Street Preachers man scours his record collection for the list to end all lists


Bill Fay - Life Is People
It’s one of those things you discover when you’re old. It relates to you. The simplicity of existence, that’s what you get from the album. I love the cover of ‘Jesus, Etc’, which is one of my favourite ever songs by Wilco. The Bill Fay album had a bit of an influence on Rewind The Film, but a generation in front of us. Guy Massey who did that album mixed a lot of our record as well, we were looking for the woodiness of it, the authenticity. It’s not something you’re just born with. There’s such a fucking fragile “I’m barely here”-ness about it. It’s not very often I go for that, but with this album the more you play the deeper you get into it.