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WATCH: Schneider TM - Überzahl
Laurie Tuffrey , September 20th, 2013 11:06

First cut from Dirk Dresselhaus' new album, Guitar Sounds

Schneider TM, aka Berlin-based experimental musician Dirk Dresselhaus, is set to release the second edition of his 'Sounds' series next week. Guitar Sounds is out on Bureau B on September 27 and follows last year's Construction Sounds, an album that meshed electronics with field recordings of Berlin construction sites.

The new record sees Dresselhaus returning to the titular instrument he previously played in Hip Young Things and Locust Fudge, and building tracks out of improvised and heavily effected guitar work. The text accompanying the announcement says: "Unleashed, the guitar sound takes on its own lease of life, in the spirit of generative music. At the decisive moment, Dresselhaus reins it back, like a dog owner tugging on the lead, thereby creating an energy field between tension and relief, harmony and disharmony, control and loss of control, construction and deconstruction, positivity and negativity, sobriety and humour. Or to use a more striking image: surf sound dualism."

Ahead of the album's release, we've got a first look at the closing track, 'Überzahl', as used by German filmmaker Carsten Ludwig in his TV thriller In Der Überzahl earlier this year, a sprawling 18-minute track, centred around hulking drone chords and lined with cyclical, metallic shards of noise - have a watch above.

We'll have an interview with Dresselhaus about the album in the coming weeks; in the meantime, have a read of Wyndham Wallace's Three Songs No Flash report on a live performance of Construction Sounds last year.