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Baker's Dozen

A Zola Jesus Baker's Dozen: 13 LPs By Women Who Inspired Me To Sing
Luke Turner , August 27th, 2013 08:32

Zola Jesus (Nika Rosa Danilova) gives us a special Baker's Dozen - 13 albums by female singers who inspired her to find her own voice


Diamanda Galas - Litanies of Satan
Diamanda is an icon of will against nature. Her voice… her possession, embodies a fortitude so thick you can barely imagine her body existing alongside anything truly corporeal. Her voice is a thing in itself; at one moment working limpidly in exorcism, the next it bites back in defiance against refuse. Listening to her as a teenager studying opera, I cannot explain to you the freedom I felt. Hearing this spinto voice pushed and pulled beyond it's limits, turning in on itself, rebelling and yet playing by the rules… it was in dusted headphones did I find a companion in knowing the potential of the human voice. All it can express and implode, I was there with her.