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Øya Festival: Norwegian Acts Top Fives
The Quietus , August 6th, 2013 05:43

Delegates to this week's ace Oslo festival pick out their five must-see Norwegian acts

With the excellent Øya Festival starting today, we asked some of the journalists, label folk and festival bookers heading to Oslo, including tQ's own John Doran, to pick out their top five Norwegian acts appearing at the festival alongside Kraftwerk, The Knife, Wu-Tang Clan and others. Have a look at their tips below and stay tuned to the site for further coverage of Øya:

John Doran - The Quietus

ONE: Shining
TWO: Deathcrush
THREE: Jenny Hval
FOUR: Okkultokrati
FIVE: Kvelertak

Charles Damga – Warp Records US & Boiler Room

ONE: Todd Terje - Beyond the name, he's making some of the most innovative, backward-yet-forward looking music I've heard. Love Terje and his team
TWO: Cashmere Cat - A lot of people are taking interest in America. I've been listening closely; what he's managed to do so far makes him a favourite, but I'm anxiously anticipating what choices he makes to stand out in the future
THREE: Nils Bech - Suspenseful, melodic songs like only a Norwegian can produce
FOUR: Finnebassen - Seems like another great example of Oslo's dance scene, looking forward to hearing this in the homeland
FIVE: André Bratten - Very bright rising star, below the radar but quite exciting to watch grow. Standing on the shoulders of some of the guys above - I can only imagine the heights or direction he'll go

Victoria Ree - Gold Dust/Polydor

ONE: Mikhael Paskalev
TWO: Truls
THREE: Comet Kid
FIVE: Thea & The Wild

Anna Wood - MOJO

ONE: Blood Tsunami (and Kvelertak, and Haraball, and Okkultokrati). Because, just as I want to eat some proper ice cream when I'm in Italy, I want to hear some proper CLEANSING RAGE NOISE when I'm in Norway. And because I like to imagine they are named after a really heavy period
TWO: Razika - Joyful, guileless singing-in-Norwegian ska-guitar-pop. I saw them at The Lexington two years ago and they were ace. I am betting that they have got even acer since then
THREE: Snasen - This man's spooky, synthy, squelchy music makes me imagine rave monsters emerging gingerly from moonlit woods outside Oslo. Live it will either be a bit underwhelming or a beautiful brain massage
FOUR: Thea & The Wild - They remind me of The Go-Gos and The Cure. And a summery sing-along chorus that goes, “Babe, I got the hots for you”, is not something to be missed at a festival
FIVE: Jenny Hval - Her songs really interest me, but they require a leap of faith that I haven't quite taken yet. So maybe I'll take it this weekend

Brian Johnston - Atlantic/APG

ONE: Cashmere Cat - I know Magnus previously, amazing producer/DJ. Makes some really quirky material. Excited to finally meet him and see him do this thing
TWO: Kid Astray - First time coming across them. Sound like seasoned songwriters, fantastic chord progressions in the lone song I've heard, etc. Excited to see them
THREE: Ine Hoem - First time also hearing Ine, solid song... fantastic phrasing. Excited to hear what else she has up her sleeve
FOUR: The Good, The Bad And The Zugly – I grew up playing in hardcore/punk bands, these guys sound like they put on a fun show
FIVE: Haraball - Sound like some of my favourite bands of all time: Negative Approach, SSD, Poison Idea, Minor Threat, etc.... Good stuff

Jonathan Wickstead - Now Wave

ONE: Todd Terje - 'Inspector Norse' and new track 'Strandbar' are two of my favourite disco songs at the moment
TWO: Cashmere Cat - His music is so much fun and encompasses many different genres, something that really appeals to me
THREE: Heyerdahl - I like what I've heard from them, looking forward to seeing what it's like live
FOUR: Hvitmalt Gjerde - These sound like they will be a fun live band, will check them out for sure!
FIVE: Comet Kid - Nice voice and arrangements on the songs I have heard

Adam Zacks - Sasquatch! Festival

ONE: Rebekka Karijord
TWO: Nosizwe
THREE: Heyerdahl
FOUR: Mathias Stubø

Ethan Berlin - Red Ryder Entertainment

ONE: Todd Terje
TWO: Jenny Hval
THREE: Andre Bratten
FOUR: LoveLoveLove
FIVE: Carmen Villain 

Artur Rojek - Off Festival

ONE: Dråpe
TWO: Jenny Hval
THREE: Therese Aune
FOUR: Bow To Each Other
FIVE: Philco Fiction

Jon Dunn - Parallellines

ONE: Mikhael Paskalev
TWO: Philco Fiction
THREE: Bow To Each Other
FOUR: Deathcrush
FIVE: Sandra Kolstad

Simon Jones  - AEG

ONE: Angelica’s Elegy
TWO: Thea & The Wild
FOUR: Rebekka Karijord
FIVE: Mikael Paskalev

Justus Mang - Melt! Festival

ONE: Cashmere Cat
TWO: Truls
THREE: Mikael Paskalev
FOUR: Andre Bratten
FIVE: Dråpe 

Nina Scholz - Interview Magazine

ONE: Atlanter
TWO: Deathcrush
THREE: Jenny Hval
FOUR: Carmen Villain
FIVE: Nils Bech

Ryan Murphy - Astralwerks Records

ONE: Lemaitre – An amazing blend of great songwriting with electronic dance elements and indie rock undertones
TWO: Kid Astray – Dynamic pop rock hooks with great use of vocal harmonies which create a familiar uniqueness
THREE: Todd Terje – Electronic music that can make even a non-dancer bob their head and move their feet
FOUR: Kvelertak – Powerful rock that hits just as hard live as on the album
FIVE: Thea & The Wild - A distinct voice that drives catchy rock n roll music

Graham Williams - FunFunFest and Mohawk

I couldn't just pick 5! I know Kverlatak and Cashmere Cat and knew a few others by name, but am excited to see live:

Blood Command
Andre Bratten
Cashmere Cat
Bow To Each Other
Death By Unga Bunga
Philco Fiction
Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii
Proviant Audio
Mona & Maria
The Good, The Bad And The Zugly
Skadne Krek