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Varg Vikernes Arrested
The Quietus , July 16th, 2013 06:19

Norwegian musician nicked in France

Burzum's Varg Vikernes has been arrested in France, accused of plotting a massacre, according to reports.

Le Monde writes that Vikernes was taken into custody early this morning (July 16) at his farm near the town of Salon-la Tour in the Corrèze département. The arrest was made by the Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence, who say they suspect him of "preparing a massacre". According to the press, Vikernes' French wife and three children live with him on the farm, which is currently being searched for weapons and explosives. UPDATE: apparently Vikernes' wife is a member of a shooting club, and recently legally purchased four rifles. Reuters reports that officials started investigating Vikernes after the mass murderer Anders Brevik sent him a copy of his manifesto. ""That was at the origin of the investigation ... There were several suspicions that made the services fear he could possibly carry out a violent act," an official said.

Yet in a vile, anti-Semitic post called War in Europe: Part V in late 2012, Vikernes ranted in criticism of his actions: "To Breivik I can only say I hope you do kill yourself.... you have made a big mistake." He also writes: "As long as there are true Europeans alive they will continue to fail, and our European blood makes sure that we can at any time revive the true European spirit and turn Europe into our Elysium again. Today we are on the offensive. For the first time in many decades. The final solution to this problem is not to kill anyone, but to raise our children with European ideals and values, and a European world view, and make sure that Christianity dies out when our coward parent generation dies out."