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LISTEN: Headman VS Douglas J McCarthy
The Quietus , July 2nd, 2013 10:19

Plus! An interview on the collaboration and future solo plans

Ah, I love the sound of Douglas J McCarthy making sex noises of an afternoon. So here we are with 'Noise', a collaboration between the Nitzer Ebb vocalist, Headman, and producer Scott Fraser (who likes to hang around in cellars with Andrew Weatherall - music cellars, of course). As you'd expect, it's all manner of EBM sauciness, and can be purchased (with some excellent remixes) from Relish Recordings. We dropped Mr Headman and Mr McCarthy a line to find out more...

When did you first meet?

Douglas J. McCarthy: Like everyone else doing electronic music, we met in Berlin. I was out with our mutual friend and schemer, Richard D Clouston of COSEY CLUB fame. I think Richard was DJing in Kreuzberg (of course).

How did this collaboration come about?

DJM: Pretty much the way all collaborations materialise, long and excited discussions about music, influences, time and place. I know that sounds flippant, but really, that is how every collaboration I know of, or been involved with happens. It's actually really just nerds talking to each other and nerding out. The worst thing that happens is that just other nerds get to appreciate it. Which, in my opinion, is a pretty excellent outcome. Fuck the masses!

Headman: We just talked about music and how we see things and how it was in the past. we said why don't we try something together. i was just working on a song with Scott Fraser, so i said to Douglas come by to the studio and let's see if something happens and it did. It was very easy and relaxed. Douglas is the loudest singer I've ever worked with!

It's as fierce and fruity as we'd expect from you both. How's your relationship with clubbing changed over the years?

DJM: Me and Robi are both pretty fierce fruits. Forbidden fruits, naturally. My personal relationship with clubbing is pretty much the same as it's always been. I love being out having fun and hearing the unexpected. Could be tracks I don't know or ones i had misplaced over the years, or just regular favourites that take me off guard. I am disappointed and saddened by anything, anyone or anyplace that takes them/itself too seriously or too literally. It doesn't have to be THAT one dimensional EVER!

H: We are all very happy with the result. What I want to do at the moment is club music with an edge or maybe not just club music, but music that has an edge and is not cheesy. I guess Douglas has never done anything else, since the early days of Nitzer Ebb. It seems that understatement and anti-attitude is something from the past - well not for us!

What are your future plans?

DJM: Me and Robi have loose but definite plans for more tracks together. We both really enjoyed this process immensely. I am currently playing some live shows with Terence Fixmer and recording new material for the next Fixmer/McCarthy release, as well as the odd DJ gig whilst I am in Europa. Then, when I get back to LA (home for me), I will be in the studio with Cyrus Rex to finish our next EP project, DJMREX, and remind myself what summer actually feels like. Me and Cyrus will also be touring the US from late August to early October. Also, there are tentative plans to get back to Europe for a good old winter tour... brrr!

H: 'Noise' is the first track of a few tracks i'm working on for my new album. The idea this time is that i want to collaborate with artist not just singers which I have done a few times in the past, but also on the production of the tracks. I find it interesting hearing what other people do with the tracks I send them. more intersting then just have remixes done, as sometimes i feel like the whole remixing thing is a bit overdone. Daniel Avery, Emperor Machine, Red Axes, Sam from Gramme and some more are already in the process… so that's the next thing i'm working on. I will also do more Video stuff.