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Lemmy "Not Doing So Well" Says Drummer
Laurie Tuffrey , July 2nd, 2013 07:08

Motörhead's Mikkey Dee: "He’s not doing so well right now"

Motörhead have recently had to cancel the remaining tour dates on their current European tour due to frontman Lemmy's health struggles, and drummer Mikkey Dee has now opened up about them, report Loudwire.

The problems stem from a hematoma that Lemmy reportedly suffered last month, following which doctors in Berlin urged him to cancel the remaining shows in order to recover. It's also reported that prior to the hematoma, Lemmy had been fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defribullator (ICD), though neither have been confirmed by the band.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper, Dee said: “The doctors in Berlin are recommending that he rests for another couple of weeks. We can’t keep canceling show after show, it’s too costly. Therefore we unfortunately have to cancel the entire tour. There will be an official announcement regarding his health shortly.”

Dee added, talking to another Swedish paper Aftonbladet: "He needs to have his body drained of fluid and that can’t be done too quickly. When he remains in bed and can’t move, he can easily get pneumonia … If you can’t move properly, other issues will follow. He is devastated beyond belief. It has a bigger effect on him than it would anyone else. It’s like chopping off a piano player’s hands. This is his life.”

“I am worried because he’s not doing so well right now. But he’s improving, even though it takes longer for him than anyone else to become well. Now that the doctors feel that he shouldn’t go out an play you’ll just have to accept that order.”