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The Dark. Outside Returns!
The Quietus , June 28th, 2013 07:16

Mogwai, East India Youth and Blancmange among artists who'll have their music played to Scottish wilderness

You may remember that last year we reported on Stuart 'Frenchbloke' Mclean's broadcast to the side of a Scottish mountain. Well, we're pleased to let you know that The Dark. Outside will return in 2013. This year, Mclean is collecting music to be played out to the trees, sheep, deer and wee beasties of the Galloway Forest via an FM transmitter from Saturday 31st of August until Sunday 1st September. Already signed up are the likes of Factory Floor, Clint Mansell, Gazelle Twin, Mogwai and Blachmange. "The only way to hear it is to be there", says the Facebook page. You can see the full list of artists who have already contributed tracks below this interview with Stuart Mclean wherein he explains exactly why the hell he's doing the whole thing again. If you're a musician and would like to submit a track to be played, please visit the Tumblr page - Mr Mclean is looking for "previously unheard, unreleased, rejected remixes, demos, rough versions, live versions".

Were you surprised at the reaction to The Dark. Outside?

Stuart Mclean: I was very surprised at the response the initial idea received. In my head it was such a stupid idea that I worried that I wouldn't be able to fill 12 hours, never mind 24.

What was the best bit?

SM: Listening to the music under the stars. The way I'd programmed it, the music got distinctly darker in tone, the later it was... apart from an extended Factory Floor loop blasting out at 10pm.

Why the decision to do it again?

SM: I found out that the people who asked me to do it initially heard word from the people paying for the license that they enjoyed it and would I want to do it again next year, only bigger.

How will this one be different?

SM: It's part of the Environmental Arts festival which runs all that weekend, so there are lots of things happening in the forest. Rather than just having an mp3 player stuck into the back of a transmitter, which the first one was, we're planning to have a bit of interaction with anyone that turns up. People who have said they'd do tracks are threatening to come down for it, so we could have a few words with them. There's also plans for a live performance. Which should be a world first as nobody in their right mind has performed live where we'd be situated.

Were you warm enough last time round?

SM: NO !

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