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WATCH: New No Bra Video
The Quietus , June 25th, 2013 08:43

'Candy Store' online! New album due in September

At the Quietus, we've long been fans of No Bra's saucy, provocative and smart minimal electro punk pop noise. We're pleased to bring you the video for ace, infernally catchy new track 'Candy Store', wherein over sleazy, rattling percussion and snide guitar No Bra intones a la Genesis P*Orridge... "don't cross the line between me and Rihanna". Warning - there's a bit of dildo licking and someone in a bra eating cake, so if you have a sensitive boss it might be best to wait until you get home to watch. We asked No Bra about the 'Candy Store' track....

What have you been up to lately?

No Bra: I moved to New York and recorded a new record amongst other things. I also run a club night here called Gay Vinyl. Also been working on some tracks with my friend Matthew for another project.

You recently supported Savages on tour, how was that?

NB: Fantastic. They are a great band to watch and open for and hang out with. A lot of the areas we passed through on the West Coast seemed a bit like from a Russ Meyer or horror movie, people not used to seeing strangers let alone foreign rock & roll chicks.

Tell us about 'Candy Store'.

NB: What would they sell in your ideal, stickiest candy store? It's not supposed to be that literal as you can imagine. It’s supposed to be about how some people seem to look at sex or romance these days… So maybe they would sell some kind of grindr but for all sexual persuasions. The song was inspired by a former roommate who seemed to be somewhat obsessed with food, but seemed to also talk about sex in a similar way (showing off how many people she made out with in one night etc) which used to scare me slightly. But maybe she was just trying to show off with this kind of talk, I guess it makes one seem less vulnerable to treat people like candy. But its also about how normality is considered important in sex I think, for gay and straight people. Somehow it’s currently taken for granted that stereotypes are supposed to be more sexually attractive - an attraction to normality. So 'don’t cross the line'.

what's next for No Bra?

NB: The new album is coming out in September, then hopefully more touring, also another video in the works, and writing new music…