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Human Greed Preps OMEGA OST
The Quietus , June 10th, 2013 08:10

New album by Michael Begg's project for release in late July

Human Greed, the solo project of Michael Begg - also of Fovea Hex - have announced the release of a new album. Entitled OMEGA:OST, it's set for release through Begg's own Omnempathy label, and is a recording of a soundtrack that Begg composed for blackSKYwhite's theatre production OMEGA. The company are set to premiere the production at Glastonbury later this month, before gearing up for a four-week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival later in the summer.

The soundtrack itself came out of a collaborative process between Begg and blackSKYwhite's artistic director Dimitry Aryupin. "For 8 months, with very little in terms of common language, the pair threw themselves deep into the process of cooking up an aural bedrock on which to situate the extraordinary beings that populate the stage. Old testament excess, dustbowl carny gothic, and the captured wheezing and grunting of instruments worn out by centuries on the road all figure in the soundtrack – and in doing so extend the range of Begg’s more familiar palette of 'eroded electronics'," states the press release.

If his previous work is anything to go by it'll doubtless be fascinating, moving, sinister and immersive in equal measure. Said tQ's Rory Gibb in a review of Begg's last album Dirt On Earth: A Pocket Of Resistance last year: "Begg's music has gradually crept onto my radar, thanks to his involvement with Clodagh Simonds' Fovea Hex project as well as musical relationships with the likes of Andrew Liles and David Tibet. Those names give some notion of what to expect from his music thematically, too: like the above artists and others, the Human Greed aesthetic is all darkness and humour, death and magick. The geographies of Dirt On Earth feel like secret routes through highland terrain that's already vaguely, naggingly familiar, with certain landmarks along the way reminding you briefly of your location before ushering you swiftly towards hollows and hills you've not yet explored."

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