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LISTEN: New Cairo Liberation Front Mixtape
The Quietus , May 23rd, 2013 10:40

Wrap your ears round 'Electro-Chaabi For Avant-Garde Lovers' below

Following Quietus editor John Doran's recent trip to Egypt, which resulted in his excellent set of Electro-Chaabi In Cairo features, we've now got a new mixtape from the Tilburg-based DJ collective Cairo Liberation Front, who count John's travelling companion and organiser of Incubate Joost Heijthuijsen among their number.

Introducing the tape, CLF member Yannick Verhoeven says: "There's a sonic Arabic revolution going on. A DIY sound of a generation - which previously had no sound - appeared. Produced on cracked versions of Fruity Loops. Played on distorted and crackling PAs. Electro Chaabi from Egypt is wedding music that sounds pretty avant-garde to our Western ears. It's a combination of American hip-hop, Euro dance and Arabic rhythms. A scene that has no physical releases and only works via social media like Facebook, YouTube and Mediafire.

"The Dutch DJs of Cairo Liberation are the first western DJs that put out mix tapes with this exciting new sound. After some more party-oriented mixtapes 'Electro Chaabi For Avant-Garde Lovers' is the first one that focuses on the even weirder stuff. It's a selection of the most extreme sonic experiments by producers like Amr 7a7a, Kelmetin Bassma, DJ Kimo and Shekta Careca. This Arabic dance music sometimes sounds like Aphex Twin going wild on heavy sugared tea at a wedding party in the popular neighbourhoods of Cairo. Like Leftfield and Gucci Mane got heavily effected by Stockholm syndrome while trapped in Egypt. On drugs that make you paranoid. Electro Chaabi is one of the most exciting scenes in the world.

"So Bjork, if you read this: please go there. Your voice would fit perfectly to the beats of Amr 7a7a and DJ Figo. And it would give the scene the appreciation it deserves.

"We don't know much about the producers because most of the communication is in Arabic. If you have more info: please add it to this Soundcloud."


  1. مرش المرجويه
  2. Unknown - 'Record Take 299 (CLF edit)'
  3. عزف عمرو حاحا
  4. مهرجان شحته كريكا وبليه كرنك
  5. الباب الجديد 2+الصفحة الرسمية لدي جي فيلو
  6. مهرجان الاستلواح لـ بيسو الجينتل و عـلاء ديسكو كلمات محمد تيستو توزيع والحان عـلاء ديسكو
  7. مزيكا الناس الجزء 2 توزيع سايكو
  8. Aboudh - 'مهرجان بنت بلدي
  9. HamOHussieN – 'unknown'
  10. ناس عايشين .. دي جي القمة
  11. MaRika & HeSky - 'مهرجان منك لله يا ظالم
  12. Kelmetin Bassma – 'Ayzak'
  13. HamOHussieN - 'Elsmsmia Twzi3 El7kmdaR'
  14. اسامه غالي مدمتشي لحد توزيع الدكتور عمرو حاحا
  15. DJ Kmnanan - 'el bola2ya (moled)'
  16. DJ Kimo - 'Alaa DescoOo A3trf'
  17. Mahmoud El Lithy - 'So2 El.Bnat'