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The Icarus Line Announce New Album
Laurie Tuffrey , May 21st, 2013 04:42

Have a look at the trailer for Slave Vows, out in July, below

Post-hardcore Los Angeles four-piece The Icarus Line have announced that they'll be releasing their new album Slave Vows (artwork above) on July 22 via Agitated.

It's their fifth album, and was recorded at frontman and, for the first time on record, guitarist, Joe Cardamone's Valley Recording Company in Burbank, California.

The text accompanying the announcement states: "It distils The Icarus Line’s past, present and future into 8 tracks and 45 minutes of profoundly uncompromised rock & roll hurtling from the malevolent glower of opener ‘Dark Circles’, to the slow, corrosive ooze of ‘Marathon Man’, to the savage explosion of ‘Dead Body’, to the Sabbath-plays-Funkadelic writhe of ‘Rat’s Ass'."

The record's driven by Cardamone's view of the current rock scene, of which he says: “Rock’n’roll has been turned into this, like, Mötley Crüe charade, a parade of fucking dicks. It’s the 80s again. It’s crazy how everything I love has been driven back into the underground. That’s where we came from, and that’s where we’ve ended up, and anything else good is back down there too.”

Talking about the album, he adds: “In previous years I’ve put out records that have been too long, because I’ve been working on them for like four fuckin’ years, and I’ve imagined it’s probably the last one I’ll ever do, so I just put everything on there. But at this point in my life, I don’t really give a fuck anymore. I know I’m gonna make records for as long as I’m alive, so I’m not as precious any more, I don’t care. This thing only exists so we can be happy and do something that matters to us, and to the people who need this as much as we do.”

Have a look at the first of four teaser trailers below, with the tracklisting following:

  1. 'Dark Circles'
  2. 'Dont Let Me Save Your Soul'
  3. 'Marathon Man'
  4. 'Dead Body'
  5. 'No Money Music'
  6. 'City Job'
  7. 'Laying Down For The Man'
  8. 'Rat's Ass'