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Palehorse Announce New Album
Laurie Tuffrey , May 17th, 2013 08:21

London metal crew set to release "the best record we've ever written"

Formidable London two-bass metallers Palehorse will be releasing their third studio album, Harm Starts Here on June 24 via Candlelight Records.

There's scant information at the moment, barring the fact that they recorded it with long-time collaborator John Macedo, with the band writing on Facebook: "We are extremely happy to be releasing through Candlelight and flattered to have been signed up alongside such an impressive roster.

"This is the best record we've ever written."

Talking about the last album by the "motley crew of noise-shitting bass bastards", our metal doyen Toby Cook said: "Yet Soft As Butter; Hard As Ice is not all about throat-shredding dirges, and there can be few, if any bands around that not only dispense with guitar players altogether, yet also utilise two basses to such diverse and devastating effect. Frankly, it's remarkable just how well the band have captured not only an enveloping, almost fuzzy warmth, but also a rigid, angular barrier of doom-hued riffs."