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WATCH: New Wrekmeister Harmonies
Laurie Tuffrey , May 10th, 2013 11:35

Exclusive first look at the video for forthcoming release You've Always Meant So Much To Me. Front page photograph courtesy of Jaimin Townsely

On June 11, Thrill Jockey will be putting out 'You've Always Meant So Much To Me', a new work by composer JR Robinson's Wrekmeister Harmonies project.

It's a 38 minute-long collaboration with experimental metal luminaries, including members of Leviathan, Nachmystium and Yakuza, which was originally produced to accompany films Robinson had made of the Joshua Tree National Park, Detroit and Tasmania (the latter two both, sadly, in stages of decay) shown at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art last year, before being committed to tape by Steve Albini in his Electrical Audio studio.

We've got an excerpt from the whole piece, accompanied by time-lapse footage of the British artist Simon Fowler (the man behind pieces of Sunn O))), Ensemble Pearl, Boris and Earth artwork) at work, put together by Gabe DeLoach - have a watch above.

As you might expect from such a cast, 'You've Always Meant So Much To Me' is an unrelenting, seismic proposition, opening, in the cut we have, with harp-laced ambient waves, doom-laden with portent, before being subsumed by a crushing tide of colossal guitar chords and heavyweight drumming. Simply put, formidable.