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Boards Of Canada: New Album Details
Laurie Tuffrey , April 29th, 2013 14:02

Electronic duo announce fourth album Tomorrow's Harvest, due for release in June

After the internet getting rather hot and bothered about some mysterious messages found on a pair of Boards Of Canada Record Store Day releases found in record stores in New York and London, the Scottish electronic duo have confirmed that they've got a new album on the way: Tomorrow's Harvest (artwork above) will be their fourth studio LP, and is set for release on June 10 via Warp.

It has been, it must be said, an impressively cryptic way of announcing their album: following the sequences of numbers found on 20-second audio snippets on the RSD 12"s, found in NY's Other Music and London's Rough Trade East, the BBC and NPR aired two more clips, which then got added to by a sequence uncovered via the BoC fansite Twoism, with the order of the sequences delivered in a Cartoon Network advert and finally completed by the website, Cosecha-Transmisiones, to which users were directed from BoC's official site, which appeared this morning. Head there now, and enter the completed sequence of numbers - 699742628315717228936557813386519225 - and you go to a video and a pre-order page for the album [via Pitchfork].

Further details about the album itself are sparse at the moment, but the band have released the album's tracklisting (have a look below), and stay tuned to the Quietus for further updates.

  1. 'Gemini'
  2. 'Reach for the Dead'
  3. 'White Cyclosa'
  4. 'Jacquard Causeway'
  5. 'Telepath'
  6. 'Cold Earth'
  7. 'Transmisiones Ferox'
  8. 'Sick Times'
  9. 'Collapse'
  10. 'Palace Posy'
  11. 'Split Your Infinites'
  12. 'Uritual'
  13. 'Nothing Is Real'
  14. 'Sundown'
  15. 'New Seeds'
  16. 'Come to Dust'
  17. 'Semena Mertvykh'