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Baker's Dozen

Gremlins In The Machine: Terror Danjah's Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , March 28th, 2013 06:39

Grime innovator Terror Danjah tells a story of UK sound system culture, house parties, Versace sunglasses and the evolution of jungle and grime, via the medium of 13 favourite albums


Michael Jackson - Off The Wall

Need I say more? [laughs] I don't have to say anything. [There's also] Thriller obviously, but I prefer this album. This edges over Thriller by 0.000001%. It's the first time Quincy Jones hooked up with Michael Jackson, and I think Off The Wall was that album where you could hear, authentically, 'this is where I'm going', and Thriller was the continuation of it. I think those albums should be put together.

But Off The Wall, for me, I don't have to say, I don't even have to go into it. I had it on record [as a kid], I've still got the vinyl. Every track on there is... There's nothing I have to say! That is the growing up album. That is, if I was to start someone who'd never heard music before - they were an alien, they were on a desert island - that's the album I'd put on and be like 'Listen to this'. The guy's a legend. Before all the politics.