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Baker's Dozen

Gremlins In The Machine: Terror Danjah's Favourite Albums
Rory Gibb , March 28th, 2013 06:39

Grime innovator Terror Danjah tells a story of UK sound system culture, house parties, Versace sunglasses and the evolution of jungle and grime, via the medium of 13 favourite albums


Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle. I remember 'Gin & Juice' on the album, that was infectious, like wow. I remember seeing Snoop's video and I was watching him in his shell, he obviously wasn't even ready, he had his head down, he wasn't really animated... Seeing him now, being the constantly cool guy, is crazy. Watching his first video now, you'd be like 'Is that the same guy?'

But his music translated. It's almost like he was a pimp - that album Doggystyle, all the tunes are almost like when you're a kid and like 'Oh, I've got a girl coming to my house...' That's how that album pictured it to me! 'You know what, this is how you treat a woman, how many girls can you get in one go?' That's what that album felt like. When you're a testosteroned teenage kid, that's how that album comes across. The filthy handbook. [laughs] It's almost like, what women say about man - that album is that. Women's worst nightmare. But I suppose when you're a kid and you've just found out about sex, that's what it's like. That album was like, "I've just had my first woman. WOOOOOO! I'm a man! I want more, more, more! I want it every day!"