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World's Shortest Album Due On RSD
Laurie Tuffrey , March 21st, 2013 10:40

Earache Records to crush 13 tracks into less than 90 seconds for RSD 5"

Hardcore imprint Earache Records have announced that they'll be releasing the world's shortest album - entitled The World's Shortest Album - for Record Store Day on April 20.

The LP, which will be available on 5" vinyl in a 12" sleeve, features 13 tracks and runs from Napalm Death's concise classic 'You Suffer' from 1987 (1.9 seconds) to Insect Warfare's relatively protracted 2009 opus 'Street Sweeper' (13.5 seconds), altogether clocking in at a succinct 82.8 seconds of grindcore.

Says Insect Warfare's Beau Beasley: "The first time I heard 'You Suffer' was an experience like this: it was like the sound of two pieces of large, rusted metal colliding. Quick, scathing, and confusing. A car crash. Not literally, but might as well have been. I like the primal aspect of these songs. Anything that really needs to be said can really be expressed very simply. Think of the power of the word 'no'. When you hear it yelled you immediately know its intent. Imagine that power with the sound of a blast beat behind it."

For more details on the rest of Earache's RSD releases, head over to their site here. And, if you have the time: