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LISTEN: Violetshaped LP In Full
The Quietus , March 19th, 2013 05:27

Listen to the debut full-length from the hook-up of Violet Poison and Shapednoise; scuffed industrial techno/electronics extraordinaire

Violet Poison and Shapednoise are about to release their self-titled collaborative debut album under the name Violetshaped via the Violet Poison label, a set of "modern and experimental hybrid-techno that moves between cyberpunk, industrial, noise and EBM". It's an intense and distorted listen, its beats sounding caked with rust and oil, and surrounding ambience corroded as though it's been dug up from the earth halfway through the fossilisation process. In advance of its release, we're pleased to be able to offer you the full stream of the album - listen via the embed below.

"The LP places the subject in a nocturnal car parking of Houston, Texas, 3AM," says the text accompanying the album's release, cryptically hinting towards its narrative arc. "A knife-drone runs together a tubular 80s thrilling sequence. Then rides of malformed circuits and bleeps are sustained by unceasing thwacks that take us in an abandoned plant of vintage robotic models. Machines can talk now."

Violetshaped arrives following a pair of great 12"s last year, one of their own material, and one particularly notable remixes 12" that featured reinterpretations of their tracks by Vatican Shadow, Roly Porter and Kangding Ray. The latter in particular was one of last year's highlights, finding the three artists taking quite distinct angles on the original material, but bound together by an overall sonic consistency that made the entire release feel unusually coherent.