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Baker's Dozen

All The Glitter: Ira Kaplan Of Yo La Tengo's Favourite Albums
April Clare Welsh , March 14th, 2013 07:01

Yo La Tengo’s frontman leads April Clare Welsh through a selection of his most played LPs


Television – Adventure
I think that as great as Marquee Moon is, I love Adventure just as much. There's that truism, that cliché, that you have your whole life to create your first record and a year to create your second one and Marquee Moon has obviously got that sort of perfect quality to it like they'd been planning it for ages. You hear it in their demos, working towards how great 'Venus' is going to be and how great 'Marquee Moon' is going to be; they had so many amazing songs in that period. You look at the cover of Marquee Moon and 'you're like, where's 'O Mi Amore', where's 'Adventure'?' and it comes to their second album and they still don't have these songs. All these great songs that they had in their repertoire aren't even on their second record. Marquee Moon is perfect but I don't think perfection is necessarily the be all and end all. There's something so beautiful and so human about Adventure. I do think the fact that it's not considered as good definitely made me gravitate towards it but I just love every song on that record as much as anything on Marquee Moon.