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Baker's Dozen

F**king Hell! It's Dinos Chapman's Favourite Albums!
Luke Turner , March 11th, 2013 08:21

As he releases his first album Luftbobler, Dinos Chapman guides Luke Turner through his favourite 13 albums, from Ligeti to Bad Seeds, Talking Heads, Aphex and Basic Channel


Fuckaloop - The Early Aughties
You've got to listen to Fuckaloop. It goes on for hours and hours and hours. It was the soundtrack to our studio for about a year. It's quite interesting because I think it's all live, and it's very repetitive. You can work out all the loops, and it's quite unashamedly raw. I'd love to see them, I've never seen them. It's just exciting, but sometime you put it on and have to turn it off immediately because you're in the wrong mood for it. If you're in the right mood it's perfect, and again it's perfect for driving. Kill someone, or crash into a tree, one of the two. It is very French. I'll forgive the French just because of Fuckaloop.