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Baker's Dozen

F**king Hell! It's Dinos Chapman's Favourite Albums!
Luke Turner , March 11th, 2013 08:21

As he releases his first album Luftbobler, Dinos Chapman guides Luke Turner through his favourite 13 albums, from Ligeti to Bad Seeds, Talking Heads, Aphex and Basic Channel


Bartok - Bluebeard's Castle
I saw Pina Bausch do a performance of Bartok. Basically it's Bluebeard sitting at a table with a tape recorder, and loads of dancers come in. There are leaves on the floor and he turns the tape recorder on and off. It's a great dance piece and I thought I'd better go and listen to the real thing. It's great, and again you can't understand a word they're saying because it's in Hungarian, but it's pure voice and very very dark, such a great story as well.