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WATCH: Achewood TV show
Aug Stone , February 25th, 2013 18:35

Cult webcomic plans for animated series

Exciting news for webcomic Achewood. Creator Chris Onstad announced yesterday on his blog: "I’ve been working with a team of artists, engineers, and producers to bring Achewood to life. To give it the voices, richness, and opportunities it never had as a comic strip…I’m flying to Los Angeles today to begin a week of network pitch meetings. If things go well, we’ll find a home for our show."

Teaser clip:

Achewood Television Trailer One "Hello, world" from therussians on Vimeo.

The webcomic began October 1, 2001with this three-panel gem (and who among us hasn’t been baffled by their drum machine because a baby otter is standing on the manual?), continuing almost daily until posts began to slow down in 2009. After a hiatus from February to November 2011, 2012 gave us 12 new strips before dropping off seemingly permanently in June. Until yesterday’s message.

For those unfamiliar, Achewood is an anthropomorphic world populated by supercool entrepreneur headcat Ray Smuckles, the depressive Roast Beef, excitable baby otter Philippe, drug-addled danger-to-himself squirrel Todd, and that exemplar of British propriety, Cornelius Bear, along with Pat, Teodor, LieBot, and a host of others. Some strips to start you off – Ray Gets Sort Of Stoned, Cornelius On Facebook, The Etiquette Of Death By Helicopter, Philippe – A Love Romance, and Notorious L.I.N.C.O.L.N.. Dark Horse Books has also put out three volumes of collected strips, each with entertaining extras, and hopefully more to come.

Stay tuned for a Quietus interview with Onstad.