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Baker's Dozen

Genius Of Lovers: Tom Tom Club's Favourite Albums
Paul Smith , February 19th, 2013 07:11

The former Talking Heads and husband and wife duo Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth whittle their record collection down to 13 all-time favourites


The Stooges - The Stooges
Tina Weymouth: Not only are there no holds barred in these lyrics, but I thought that the orchestration was awesome for a really raw garage band. They didn’t do what is now typically punk, when everybody plays the same thing at the same time. They were like a classical quartet. The interweaving of the parts was just brilliant. They don’t simply play the root note, but they each play a part that is contrapuntal to and complements the other parts.

We asked Iggy to sing with us once, with Talking Heads. But he was too shy of it at the time. He said: “Oh my god, people would perceive me as trying to take the place of that guy.” We weren’t asking him to replace anybody, we were just asking him to play with us, but lots of people get mixed up about us. They don’t know if we’re Talking Heads or Tom Tom Club. Well, y’know, they just have to ask!