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LISTEN: Black Pus - '1000 Years'
The Quietus , February 15th, 2013 05:51

Start your Friday with an almighty bang, c/o Lightning Bolt man

Brian Chippendale, inimitable drummer of US psychedelic noise rock titans Lightning Bolt, is set to release his new album under the Black Pus moniker on 18th March via Thrill Jockey. Entitled All My Relations, it's as storming and abrasive as you'd expect from Chippendale, though surprisingly catchy with it - he's shared album track '1000 Years' in advance of the album's release, which you can listen to below. There's a definite tune buried in there, even if you have to wade through deadly riptides of waist-deep sludge to get to it. Something suitably bracing to open your weekend with a bang, perhaps.

"Chippendale creates maximalist music out of the simple elements of drums, vocals, and an oscillator triggered by the kick drum, looping and repeating phrases and rhythms in a way that can only be called meditative," says the text accompanying the album's release. "Chippendale’s furious drumming style is ever present and instantly recognizable, but the pop element, which Chippendale explored in more contained ways on earlier Black Pus releases, is more fully integrated."