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Mondkopf To Release Perc Trax EP
The Quietus , January 22nd, 2013 07:36

Parisian techno producer to release The Nicest Way EP in February

Perc's Perc Trax label have announced that their latest release will come from Parisian Paul Régimbeau, the man more commonly known as Mondkopf. He's been a presence within the French techno scene for a while now, having released his debut album Galaxy of Nowhere in 2010, and since has been honing a sound that's influenced equally by techno, pop and doom metal (among other such things), and has been releasing his music via his own label In Paradisum.

His three track EP for Perc Trax - entitled The Nicest Way - is a dark and disorted, scorched earth kind of affair, its cavernous kick drums and seething walls of static recalling the likes of Perc himself, Ancient Methods and Emptyset. It will be released on February 8th on both vinyl and digital formats.

To accompany the launch of the EP, Perc Trax will be holding a showcase night in Paris, in collaboration with Mondkopf's label In Paradisum. It will take places on Friday 25th January at Gaite Lyrique, and will feature Mondkopf, Andy Stott, Perc and Low Jack. Perc and Mondkopf's sets will be filmed and streamed live on the night here.

"Frankly, I'm not into deliberately referencing existing pop culture mythologies," said Mondkopf of his approach when we interviewed him back in 2011. "I'm primarily drawn towards music that has a gothic quality. I'm more interested in looking into myself for inspiration than being inspired by pop culture or the codes of dark romanticism, I don't really watch those kinds of films and I'm not really into gothic literature, even if that is the kind of music I listen to. For example, [Dorset doomers] Electric Wizard are largely influenced by B-cinema, but when I listen to them I experience it as something directly emotional. I'm not going to use dark romantic references to create something poppy, or repurpose them - for me this is a sincere form of expression." You can read the full interview here.