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Luke Haines On Art School Bop Reissue & Jimmy Savile
John Doran , January 19th, 2013 09:40

Luke Haines, rock star, author and "the accidental inventor of Britpop" spoke to Quietus Ed John Doran for Noisey's British Masters series recently and you can see the short film below.

During the film the man who formed The Auteurs and Black Box Recorder as well as becoming "balefulness personified in age of bland and chipper compliance" revealed that the Jimmy Saville/Paedogate affair had intruded into his recording career recently.

While recording for his latest project the North Sea Scrolls (with former Fatima Mansions musician Cathal Couglin and writer Andrew Mueller), the horrific Radio 1 DJ died changing the aspect of one of their songs.

Haines explains: "We didn't have to drop the song, we chose to drop the song about Sir Jim.

"The whole thing was written before his death and we didn't particularly want to wade into the whole Savile circus."

To which Doran responds: "But... I can't help but bring up Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop [Haines' third solo album from 2006]."

He continues: "Yeah, that had a song about Savile as well, there's also a song about the Glitter Band and there's the song 'The Walton Hop'. That's three songs about paedophiles... maybe I should re-release it now that it's all the rage."

It was revealed this week that Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop will be reissued as a download only on February 24.

The LP originally came out on Degenerate in 2006 but got deleted very quickly after the label went under. Extra tracks, remixes and the Leeds United EP will also be available.