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WATCH: Brian Eno's Day Of Light Film
Jacob Boswall , January 18th, 2013 07:51

Highlights from last year's audio-visual project to accompany live streaming of recent album Lux

Just after the release of his latest album Lux in November last year, Brian Eno streamed the album in full online at four times - sunrise, day, sunset, night - over the course of one day. Eno asked fans to send in photos with the theme 'play of light' to accompany the playbacks, which he and his team then curated in real-time.

He got no less than 6,000 submissions, which have been whittled down to his personal favourites to run with a four-minute excerpt from the LP for this film, baptised, in typical Eno fashion, the ‘Day Of Light’ - have a watch below:

Says Eno of the project: "'Day of Light' was conceived to mark the release of my new album Lux. We asked people to send in photos with the theme 'Play of Light' - which was one of the titles I considered for the album [...] The idea was to make a collaborative, generative work... to see what happened if you just made a space for it to happen in."