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Thom Yorke: I'll Sue David Cameron
Laurie Tuffrey , January 17th, 2013 06:38

Radiohead frontman "to sue the living shit" out of Cameron if he uses their music in an election campaign

While he's not putting together mixes hinting at the sound of the forthcoming Atoms For Peace album for Dazed & Confused, Thom Yorke is dealing out some righteousness to David Cameron.

In a new interview with the magazine, he says: "I can’t say I love the idea of a banker liking our music, or David Cameron. I can’t believe he'd like King of Limbs much. But I also equally think, who cares?"

"As long as he doesn’t use it for his election campaigns, I don’t care. I’d sue the living shit out of him if he did."

There you go, Cameron, you heard the man. Don't even think about putting a Radiohead track on any of your Electioneering, Yorke's ready to get litigious on your ass. Then you'll be High and Dry.

Atoms For Peace's debut album Amok is out on February 26 via XL.