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Baker's Dozen

Really Heavy Things: Devin Townsend's Favourite Albums
Toby Cook , December 18th, 2012 13:18

…well, apart from Enya. The Strapping Young Lad man offers up his top albums


Cop Shoot Cop – White Noise
Strapping covered ‘Room 429’ from Ask Questions Later on City but I like White Noise better to be honest. I mean, Ask Questions Later was interesting, and I also had Consumer Revolt and a couple of other things, but I just loved the lyrics on White Noise man, it was essentially somebody just spewing a tantrum but with a rhyming pattern to it and I hadn’t found somebody who was able to articulate his discontent in such a profoundly interesting way. It’s one thing to be able to say – as I did with the first SYL record, where I was just like: "Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" And I mean, I guess that kind of works on a totally instinctual level like, "oh, well that guy’s pissed of". But with Cop Shoot Cop he [bassist/vocalist Tod A.] was able to say the same thing in such an eloquent and such an articulate and cynical way that it, like, y’know if you’re having an argument with somebody and you just say "fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!" and they come back at you and they say, essentially, "fuck you, because of this, this, this – hang on, I’m not done – this, this, this and this", by the end of it you’re like "oh my god!" there’s no stone left unturned with that. It feels like this industrial, sort of, recorded in a New York garage by a person who’s struggling with misanthropy and drug abuse and all that shit – it was just so romantic to me at the time that I thought it was brilliant.