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Music For A Chameleon: Gary Numan's 13 Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , December 6th, 2012 07:46

Quietus hero Gary Numan tells Julian Marszalek about his 13 favourite albums and how they "kicked my arse"... plus the time Freddie Mercury sent a limo to buy him a Big Mac


Smoke Fairies – Through Low Lights And Trees
This is quite a surprising one, to be honest. A friend of mine manages them and he invited us along to see them and he'd sent us a track and went to the gig. We only just made it because we'd flown in from somewhere else that day. We might have missed the first song and we got there and it's mainly these two girls and again it's one of those bands where it's song after song after song and I just loved it! Every song was beautiful with fantastic melodies and beautifully sung. Both of them have got amazing voices and we had a chat with them afterwards and they were just really lovely.

I then got the album. I very rarely listen to music in the car because being in a car is my thinking time but I have that album on every time I'm driving and I absolutely love it. But it's not the sort of thing I'd normally be listening to; I tend to listen to things that are useful for what I'm doing. If I'm making another dark album then I'm listening to stuff that can help me think about that sort of music so it's not often that I listen to music just for the pleasure of it but I do with this.