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WATCH: Lint The Movie
Aug Stone , January 20th, 2013 11:11

Lint The Movie now online

Lint The Movie is now available to watch on YouTube in its entirety. Based on Steve Aylett’s 2005 biography of bizarre cult author Jeff Lint, the film offers hilarious recollections from Alan Moore, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Mikey Georgeson, Josie Long, D Harlan Wilson, Bill Lectric, and many others on Lint’s outrageous and irritating career. Lint The Movie expands on the facts offered in the biography, such as Lint’s JFK assassination theory - “Lint theorizes that the Magic Bullet was a ricochet from that fired by John Wilkes Booth at Lincoln in 1865.” The bullet then traveled around the world taking part in major political assassinations for the next 98 years. Also discussed are Lint’s manner of ‘effortless incitement’, his habit of passing himself off as Isaac Asimov, the Captain Beefheart-esque Energy Draining Church Bazaar album, his never filmed Star Trek script which coined the phrase ‘flirting with McCoy’, the Caterer comic, and much more from the man who gave us the novels Jelly Result and I Blame Ferns. Part 1 below:

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