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LISTEN: Lee Gamble - 'Plos 97s'
The Quietus , November 26th, 2012 04:21

Listen to a lovely granular techno track taken from Gamble's new full length

Long-running producer of experimental computer music Lee Gamble has recently resurfaced on the PAN label with new 12" Diversions 1994-1996, a beautiful and brooding ambient piece constructed entirely from old jungle mixtapes. In our Hyperspecific column, tQ's Rory Gibb described it as a "mixtape of a mixtape, as well as an oblique love letter to pirate radio." (Click here to read the full review.)

On December 7th Gamble follows up that 12" with a full-length that's cut from similar cloth, entitled Dutch Tvashar Plumes, but uses the same decaying sound palette and sense of ravey energy as building blocks for a suite of exploratory house and techno tracks that touch equally on early Warp material, current experimental dance from people like Actress, and hauntological excursions by The Caretaker. In advance of its release, you can listen to album track 'Plos 97s' below.

"These tracks feel like echolocation imprints of imaginary warehouses, knackered old buildings and basements," we said in our review of Dutch Tvashar Plumes. "Percussive sounds scattered through the album's tracks bound off their topography, returning to the listener joined by the scooped-out roar of wind whipping through broken windows and sub-bass creaking through loose door fittings."