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WATCH: Karenn Live At Boiler Room
Luke Turner , November 23rd, 2012 11:45

Fierce and furious set from Blawan and Pariah

Karenn do NOT fuck around. This past Tuesday The Quietus went along to the Boiler Room for the kind of night out that normally only happens between the hours of three and six AM in some unforgiving, gurner-packed club. Fuelled by nothing stronger than the fine Polsih Tyskie lager, we were treated to a few hours of high-end and hard techno, kicked off by Regis and ended by Surgeon (when was the last time you heard Whitehouse out clubbing?) The meat in this sandwich was Blawan and Pariah's Karenn project, using a heap of gear to play what was apparently only their sixth or seventh gig. Anyone who has loved Blawan's killer 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage?' 12" will know this is a man who loves a fierce, simple hook - this set, which you can now watch and listen to via the embed above, was like being the dismembered bits of a horse hanging in a French butchers during an earthquake - violent, cauterising and impossible to refuse the imperative to twitch and move. It'll put the shitters up your Friday and no mistake. More on Karenn's new EP here.