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Dinos Chapman Set To Release Album
Laurie Tuffrey , November 20th, 2012 06:08

Artist releases debut LP Luftbobler, influenced by "the industrial pulse of T/G", next year

Dinos Chapman, who makes up the controversy-baiting artistic duo Chapman Brothers along with Jake Chapman, is set to release his first record - Luftbobler (artwork above) will be out on February 25 2013 via The Vinyl Factory.

While we haven't head any of the music yet, the text accompanying the announcement explains that Chapman recorded the tracks of 'Schlampige Musik' ('sloppy music') in his London basement and they're a culmination of his "interests in the industrial pulse of T/G, willful experimentation of Stockhausen and impish playfulness of Squarepusher, but sounds like none of them".

With the abundant sweetness of a man whose oeuvre includes his own take on Hitler's paintings and fake dog turds, Chapman describes the music as “... like a naked mole-rat plucked untimely from its snuggly basement-burrow, on its back, all squirmy, exposed to the suns dissecting rays.”

To celebrate the release, an audio-visual installation of the album will be running at The Vinyl Factory from February 27 to March 4.

We'll post music as soon as we have it; for the meantime, have a look at the tracklisting below:

  1. 'So It Goes'
  2. 'Whatever Works'
  3. 'Reaktorsnuhsnuh'
  4. 'He Has No Method'
  5. 'Smeyes'
  6. 'Where’s the general?'
  7. 'Pizza man'
  8. 'Sputnik'
  9. 'Cool operator'
  10. 'Luftbobler'
  11. 'Enrich Zann'
  12. 'Sun lounge'
  13. 'Alltid'