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Our Week In Spotify Bangers No. 3
Luke Turner , November 11th, 2012 09:41

Ahoy and welcome to our third Spotify playlist of 13 tracks linked to what we've been writing about on the site over the past week

Tamikrest - 'Outamanchek'

With Mali once more riven by political strife and, in some areas music banned by extreme Islamists, a benefit compilation featuring Tinariwen and Quietus-favourites Tamikrest has just been released. Read our review of that here.

Melody's Echo Chamber - 'Crystallized'

John Freeman reviews the debut album from Melody's Echo Chamber: "The results are genuinely thrilling - Melody's Echo Chamber is beautifully balanced, combining Prochet's deft arrangements to a hypnotic smorgasbord of sonic textures. Motorik beats, space-pop and surges of electronica are used with the touch of a master craftsperson."

Rolo Tomassi - 'Empiresk'

John Doran reviews the latest LP by Rolo Tomassi: "If we lived in a world with any fairness to it the T’Pau of the 00s Florence And The Machine and progressive hardcore band Rolo Tomassi would swap places. Honking Florence would be consigned to playing toilet venues with the few journalists bothering to write about her restricting themselves to only commenting on her age, size and gender while Rolo Tomassi would appear on the front cover of NME every single week not already given over to Oasis or the Stone Roses. And if we lived in a world with any justice in it – i.e. a world where wrong doing went punished and the victims of crime received reparation – then Rolo Tomassi would be carried at head height through the streets of the UK with a team of devotional nubiles painted bright gold, casting rose petals before them while Flo and her session musicians would be sealed into a rocket capsule with a hive of wasps, an angry warhorse and 36 attack monkeys then fired through the rings of Saturn."

Angel Haze - 'Werkin' Girls'

Angel Haze, who has attracted deserved attention for her ferocious wordplay on recent releases Reservation and Classick, speaks to Laurie Tuffrey about growing up in the church, sexuality and collaborating with The Smiths.

Yoko Ono - 'The Sun Is Down!'

Great news this week - Yoko Ono was confirmed to be the curator the next edition of the South Bank Centre's Meltdown Festival, to take place in summer 2013. We celebrate with the choice cut from Between My Head And The Sky her brilliant last album with the Plastic Ono Band.

Cajmere - 'Percolator'

This month Curtis Jones - the man behind iconic house and techno anthems as Cajmere and Green Velvet - is releasing a retrospective of music from his seminal label Cajual. He speaks to Melissa Bradshaw about the house scene, spirituality and coffee.

Julian Cope - 'Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed'

Mr Cope wants something stronger than coffee… Jimmy Martin reviews Copendium the brilliant new collection of Cope's writings on music over at the Quietus Books.

Arboretum - 'The White Bird'

Dave Heumann gives us some insight into the country-rockers' new album Coming Out Of The Fog before they headlined the Thrill Jockey 20th anniversary event in London. For Arboretum, wilderness is important. read that here.

Darren Hayman And The Long Parliament - 'Elizabeth Clarke'

Darren Hayman's new album about the Essex Witch Trials is arguably his finest to day. We spoke to Hayman about the meticulous research that went into the record, which Marc Burrows proclaims to be a highlight of 2012 in his review here.

Raime - 'You Will Lift Yourself Clear'

Across a string of 12"s and now an album, London duo Raime have stretched industrial, dub and doom across spiralling, jungle-influenced rhythms. They meet with Joseph Burnett to discuss intricate working processes and darkness in creativity.

Silver Apples - 'Lovefingers'

Silver Apples' Simeon Coxe is the latest artist to do a Quietus Baker's Dozen on their favourite 13 LPs. Find out what he chose here.

Ancient Methods - 'Zealots'

Ancient Methods were one of the many the highlights of PCM 3, a union of Plex, Colony and Machine, three of London's finest techno nights. Read Rory Gibb and Luke Turner's report on choice oof here.

Bee Mask - 'Vaporware'

Bee Mask are one of the artists featured in this month's Hyperspecific round-up of the best in electronic music. Rory Gibb tours some of dance music's fringes, via improvised electronics, digital Triffids, disembodied grime and hall-of-mirrors house over here.