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Baker's Dozen

The Exhilaration Of Discovery: Simeon Coxe's Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , September 9th, 2020 04:01

The Silver Apples main man writes us his own Baker's Dozen, taking in Fats Domino and Portishead by way of Sun Ra and Spacemen 3

While Simeon Coxe previously told us that Silver Apples’ pioneering electronic sound down to him being a “lousy guitar player”, that’s maybe a little unfair. After forming in 1967, he and drummer Danny Taylor released two albums, Silver Apples and Contact, which, with their sparse sonics, matching analog drones and pulses (generated out of Coxe’s self-manufactured instrument, ‘The Simeon’, reputedly comprising ‘nine audio oscillators and eighty-six manual controls’) to Coxe’s clarion-like vocals, became a key blueprint for experimental and electronic music.

Almost 30 years after their formation, Coxe returned out of obscurity to revive the band, first with Xian Hawkins and then with Taylor, eventually putting out a third album, The Garden, recorded in the 60s but never previously released. While Taylor sadly died in 2005, Coxe has continued touring and recently released a new single, ‘The Edge Of Wonder’, and will be reissuing The Garden - head over to Enraptured Records to get hold of copies here.

Coxe penned us his own Baker’s Dozen, adding, by way of introduction: “I'm going to list the records in chronological order of my exposure to them, just to try and make some sense of it all.”

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