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Quietus Mix 74: Leaves Of Iron & Rust Halloween
Luke Turner , October 31st, 2012 10:02

Luke puts together a collection of dark tracks ancient & modern for your October listening indulgence

Given as it's Halloween, that day of legitimised mugging, rampant commercialism, 'sexy' halloween witches and the contemporary, puerile, obsession with zombies, the Quietus thought we'd bring something mystik and murky back to darken your stereos. This mix by Luke Turner encompasses much of the electronic music that we're currently listening to at the Quietus - mainly new from the likes of Perc Trax' Truss, Andy Stott, Blawan, Emptyset, Diamond Version, Silent Servant, Prurient, Violetshaped, Maria Miverva and LA Vampires and Cut Hands, but also earlier sorcerers Coil, Cyclobe, Black Rain, Carter Tutti with Robert Wyatt, Pansonic and Nurse With Wound massaging Sunn O))). Let no untruth darken thy door...