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Baker's Dozen

Prophets, Seers & Sages: Tony Visconti's Favourite Albums
Julian Marszalek , October 31st, 2012 09:01

While the veteran producer has recently been remastering T. Rex's The Slider for its 40th anniversary re-release, he found time to pick out 13 of his top records for us

“9am is a strange time to be talking about my 13 favourite albums,” says Tony Visconti with a chuckle as he speaks to the Quietus from New York. The time difference means that your scribe has had plenty of time to ease himself into the topic of the legendary producer’s favourite long players while Visconti is still probably only just stirring his first coffee of the day. “I did this list on the train,” he adds.

With over 40 years production experience, Tony Visconti is a producer whose work is not simply embedded in the fabric of culture, it also helped weave it. Turning Marc Bolan from the Boppin’ Elf into the first superstar of glam via the key Electric Warrior and The Slider albums, Visconti was there when David Bowie first teamed up with guitarist Mick Ronson before returning to work with singer on a string of classic albums including Diamond Dogs and "Heroes".

Now aged 68, Visconti is as active as ever. Currently working on three different projects, he’s as enthusiastic about music and the musicians that he works with as he’s ever been.

“I only love to work with incredible singers,” he says. “I have no time for mediocre singers.”

It’s a standard that’s seen Visconti leave an incredible musical legacy. With his Baker’s Dozen, he’s shown exactly what helped him make that contribution.

Click on his picture below to begin scrolling through Tony's choices.