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WATCH: NHK'Koyxen - '703'
Rory Gibb , October 30th, 2012 12:24

Taken from Kouhei Matsunaga's second Dance Classics album

Prolific constructor of exquisitely weird, warped and mutation-prone electronic music, Kouhei Matsunaga, is about to release a second volume of Dance Classics via PAN, following on from his excellent Dance Classics Vol 1, which came out at the beginning of this year. In the interim period since that album's release he's been cropping up all over the place - playing a storming set at a PAN showcase in the summertime, resplendent in his characteristic cardboard 3D glasses, as a small hardcore of dancers threw triumphant claws in celebration; in collaboration with Rashad Becker, Andre Vida and Bass Clef in an electronic/jazz improv session at Cafe Oto; and laying waste to the Unsound closing party last week with a set of wiry techno and demolition site hip-hop. This second volume is similar to the first - matching its name, it skirts between genres, testing the waters and occasionally staying long enough to establish a concrete groove before leaping off elsewhere. You can watch the video for second track '703' above. Dance Classics Vol. II is released this Friday via PAN, digitally and on vinyl in the label's usual exquisitely housed PVC/cardboard artwork (this time featuring giraffes, where the first volume featured flamingos).

NHK'Koyxeи '703' (PAN 35) from Bill Kouligas on Vimeo.