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Baker's Dozen

Beautiful, Beautiful Music: Beth Orton's Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , October 23rd, 2012 09:17

The singer-songwriter undergoes the "horrible" process of deciding on her top albums


Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks
It's just so obvious - maybe I should've picked records that are more interesting to other people! I picked this because, again, I cannot fault a single song on that record. One song after another is just a perfect, classic song and I could listen to it till the cows come home. Every drop of it is just perfection, as far as my ears are concerned.

This is actually quite a late record for me - I found this after I had been making music, after my first record someone introduced it to me; it might have been David Roback from Mazzy Star, it would be right that he would play this. It's a record that when I heard that I thought "okay, I get it". I understood how amazing Bob Dylan is, obviously - how can you not? - but this is the record where it really sank in, in terms of understanding him. I also love Desire, with 'Mozambique' on it, but then there's Blonde On Blonde... I don't know, it just grows and grows! What can you do, he's a fucking genius!