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Baker's Dozen

Beautiful, Beautiful Music: Beth Orton's Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , October 23rd, 2012 09:17

The singer-songwriter undergoes the "horrible" process of deciding on her top albums


Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Leonard Cohen
This would be from when I did 'Sisters Of Mercy' for the film Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man. I was so happy to be given that song. I love Leonard Cohen; I've always loved him, grew up around that music. He is the most extraordinary lyricist, but he, as well, creates such a mood with his music. It's like nothing else. He belongs in my life as a writer and as a singer. I suppose this record, again, it's actually quite similar to Joni Mitchell; not brilliantly imaginative on my part to begin with, but just every single song is a classic. I've read bits and pieces of his poetry and he's an extraordinary poet. It's poignant, and there's humour, coupled with the pathos. He's a poet, he's an extraordinary writer and singer and beautiful man, and, what can I say? Is that enough?

Have you seen him live?

I've not seen him live - I know he just played at Wembley Arena, but that's not where I'd like to see him really. I want to feel the intimacy, I want him to be sitting in the room with me - play his songs in a room and just sing them to me!