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Baker's Dozen

Beautiful, Beautiful Music: Beth Orton's Favourite Albums
Laurie Tuffrey , October 23rd, 2012 09:17

The singer-songwriter undergoes the "horrible" process of deciding on her top albums


Kate Bush - The Kick Inside
More so than any of her records, again, I just find it one after another songs that just particularly move me... I'm very moved by the song 'The Man with the Child in his Eyes' - I love that song. So, it's funny, it's a lot about having children and at the time I first heard it, I had no idea that I'd ever have children. I always loved her - she seemed like a kind of punk rock folk singer to me, with that punk rock attitude, and that extraordinary voice and such beautiful songwriting and very diverse musicianship.

This record for me is something that, in my teenage years, I was just engrossed in. I can't really take myself back there and say why, what started that. It was very much part of my teenage years, but it's also very much part of my life now - fuck, this is so hard! 'The Man with the Child in his Eyes', 'L'Amour Looks Something Like You', 'Them Heavy People' - all of them, 'Moving'... often it's the way the songs start, as much as anything. It's a bit like Blue; as soon as they start, you know something amazing's coming, and then her voice kicks in and it's just like heaven. Ah, it's just heavenly!